Graphis Photography 2020, Lennette Newell Wins Platinum and David Westphal Wins Gold!

Graphis Master Lennette Newell captures the beauty of “North American Wildlife” (above) in her 6-part Platinum-winning entry for the Photography Annual 2020. Her ongoing personal project features various animals, including an owl, raccoon, alligator, and a jaguar in a curious and innocent state. Newell previously won Platinum in the Advertising Annual 2017, and her skills with a camera have earned her multiple Gold and Silver awards. Her animal photography gives viewers an up-close and personal shot of animals that you don’t get to see on a daily basis.

In his 6-part entry, David Westphal does a “Hyundai Venue Reveal” (above) for the Hyundai Venue. This is one of three Gold-winning works that he did in the Photography Annual 2020. Westphal shows off the car from different angles and in various types of lighting, emphasizing the car as a great vehicle for the young generation. His photography presents the car as a luxurious vehicle despite being a minivan. Westphal’s automotive and landscape photography have landed him clients such as Ford, Nissan, and BMW.

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