Graphis Master Marcos Minini Discusses His Greatest Challenge and More in Journal #360!

“Marcos Minini is a startling artist. Brilliant and seductive, he plays with forms and bewitches us with the images he creates.” – Andrzej Pągowski.

Brazilian graphic designer, Marcos Minini is a Graphis Platinum-winning designer from our Poster Annuals. He has worked for various advertising agencies and design firms including Lumen Design, Master Comunicação, and Brainbox Branding 360. His designs vary from poster design to branding identities/logos. His work challenges the boundaries of design, giving viewers and clients impactful imagery that is not easily forgotten.

In the Graphis Journal #360 we had the opportunity to interview him and feature some of his memorable posters. His “Shaxpeare / Shakespeare / Shagsbere” (above, left) is among his Gold-winning work presented in the Journal.

His work, “Breve Temporada Na Casa Dos Loucos” (above, left) and “Paixões Desenfreadas” (above, right) won Gold and Silver respectively in Poster 2017.

In his Journal Q&A, Minini discusses how Polish posters and artists were a meaningful inspiration to him. He strives to make an impact and become an inspiration for others, much like how Polish artists were for him. Below are a few excerpts from his Q&A:

What is your most difficult challenge that you’ve had to overcome?

Premature death. As it is in life the premature death of a great idea or a beautiful layout, just because someone can’t understand or support it, is as painful as a loved one who leaves too soon.

What would be your dream assignment?

Back in 1986, just before my graduation, I was in Kraków (Poland) where I was introduced for the first time to Polish posters. The effect it took over me was very intense. The forms, the messages, the quality of art, just gave me the certainty that this was something I’d like to do as a professional. A solo poster exhibition in Kraków would be a dream.

Marcos Minini has proven himself to be an inspiration, gaining praise from polish artists that he admires such as Andrzej Pągowski, and Brazilian designers like Miran, and Rico Lins.

See what they have to say about him and his work, and read Marcos Minini’s full q&a in Graphis Journal #360!

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