Graphis Journal #360 Features The Unique Design World of Sagmeister & Walsh

Sagmeister & Walsh continues to push past the barriers of what a creative agency can accomplish.

In the upcoming Graphis Journal #360 Issue, we feature the work of Sagmeister & Walsh, a creative agency based in New York City, led by Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh. Their designs are unique and provocative, a perfect combination for clients hoping to stand out in a saturated media landscape. At first glance, the images seem effortlessly executed, but a closer look reveals the painstaking work that must have gone into each campaign.
Sagmeister & Walsh also chooses to take on quite difficult subjects for their design. Perhaps the words of Rick Valicenti, Founder & Design Director of Thirst (a communication design practice based in Chicago) explains this best: “I cannot think of another practicing designer who has the reservoir of courage possessed by Sagmeister. Who on earth would tackle themes like happiness and beauty when this research is claimed only by philosophers cloistered in sacred spaces.”

Within Graphis Journal #360 are full pages dedicated to Sagmeister & Walsh’s work, as seen above. Also included is a Q&A with Stefan Sagmeister himself, which reveals his professional influences and his goals going forward. Along with dynamic designer and art director Jessica Walsh, they’re truly unstoppable.
For more on Sagmeister & Walsh and many other inspiring artists, pre-order Graphis Journal, Issue #360 here. All print issues come with a free digital copy!
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