Graphis Book Review: Images: 25 Years Later by Howard Schatz


Howard Schatz, an Ophthalmologist turned world-renowned Photographer, is most famous for his work with water and the movement of the human body. His book Images: 25 Years features “his 25-year photographic oeuvre, containing 1,083 photographs and 32 photographic series, a catalogue of the human body — its development, strength, and deterioration — and a glimpse into the socio-psycho realms of the human experience.” See below for more. 

Swimsuit editorial, photographed for lo Donna Magazine, in Fairfax, CA, 1997

Aside from dancers and underwater figures, Schatz has also interviewed and photographed homeless people and prisoners. He has photographed pregnant women and newborns, even chronicling the growth of 200 newborns into maturity–sometimes for up to 20 years.

Beauty Study #1390, Yuka of Japan, photographed in New York City, April 1999

Having captured images of the homeless to celebrities in their rarest form, it comes as no surprise that Schatz has an impressively diverse portfolio. See more in his Graphis Masters Portfolio.

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Original book review written by Lindsay Comstock. 

Author: Graphis