Funky Fowl & A Smokin’ Summer Vacation: Latest Design 2023 Entries

In this week’s design entries, light-hearted and whimsical illustrations take center stage, adding the perfect amount of depth, feeling, and personality to these company’s brands! 

First up is a collection of promotional artwork called Strange Ducks” (above), commissioned by the Georgia-based craft brewer Strange Duck Brewery. Illustrated by Mark Braught, the images play along with the brewery’s name and help promote the company’s delicious products through in-store promotion, merchandising, and online and print advertising. The collection includes three works that were each developed as a pencil sketch before they were finalized as digital pieces, and each image depicts a duck in an outlandish scenario, ranging from a steampunk coffee machine landscape to a science fiction setting straight out of Star Wars. Thanks to the painterly textures of the collection, the works have a sort of handcraft quality to them and bring about the feeling of old painted portraits. The brewery was pleased with the illustrations, using them widely across various media: direct mail, web/social, fliers, business cards, packaging, apparel, merchandise, limited print advertising, and in-store display. Lucky for us, more images are in the works!

Wallace Church & Co. is mainly known for its wine and packaging design, but they also occasionally design cigarette lighters like with their “BIC’s Vacation Series” (above). The team at WC&Co, led by designer Diana Luistro, wanted to evoke the brightest and best parts of summer vacation, such as “lounging on a pool float, eating ice cream on a hot day, or snacking on fresh fruits and juicy watermelon.” They captured these activities and other bits of summer fun with playful illustrations in lively shades of red, pink, yellow, blue, and green. The final product line is a refreshing approach that stands out compared to regular, boring, single-color lighters; as BIC tells it, luxurious vacations may be few and far between, but these unique beach-themed lighters are the perfect reminder of your last tropical getaway. 

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Author: Graphis