ForceMAJEURE Celebrates Bentley’s 100th Anniversary and ShenZhen Lingyun Celebrates Traditional Tea for Packaging 10

In 2019, Bentley Motors turned 100 years old. U.S Agency forceMajeure Design helped celebrate their anniversary with their Packaging 10 entry: “Champagne Comtes de Dampierre X Bentley Motors” (above), a limited edition bottle of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay for champagne makers, Champagne Comtes de Dampierre.

The specially crafted stopper is adorned with the iconic winged B of the 1930s and ’40s. The bottle is sleek and stacks up against the quality of Dampierre’s other lineup. The box itself is an elegant grey and opens up to reveal a velvety red, fitting for such a grand occasion.

Chinese agency, ShenZhen Lingyun submits their tea packaging for Bama Tea titled, “SaiZhenZhu” (above). The tea brand has been passed down through 13 generations of leaders. To represent this tradition, ShenZhen Lingyun chooses an idiom “Pass The Flame.” The tea is wrapped in a paper, that when unfolded, reveals an illustration of the business being passed down the 13 generations. The bold red and gold palette is reminiscent of a flame, and they even include a flame decal on the box for the tea canisters.

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