For the Love of the Arts: Award-Winning Posters from Posters 2022 Awards Annual

With our Poster 2022 book now available to everyone, we thought it would be a good time to look back at some of the coolest winners this year, each of which focuses around a certain aspect and type of art.

Our first winner is “Academy concerts season 2021/22” (above, left) by Ariane Spanier of Germany. Created as campaign posters for the 2021/2022 concert season for the classical concert series “Academy Concerts” of the Orchestra of the National Theatre Mannheim, the design is characterized by collage-like visual compositions that continue the idea of visualization to classical music. While color, shape, and movement played a major role in the design in the previous season, the focus is now on a variety of structures, cutouts, and arrangements of different colored elements. Although abstract in appearance, the textures in the forms create and support associations with movement and sound. There is an impression of coming together or drifting apart, just like the musicians, the instruments and tones in the orchestra in ever new constellations and intensities create the experience of classical music.

Spanier was happy to say that the client was very pleased with the design. However, due to the pandemic, most of the concerts were canceled and the posters were not placed in public space. Thankfully, some of the designs found their way to smaller announcements in print or online and on CD or DVD recording covers, as the orchestra did their best to work around the obstacles of this tough time for classical music performers.

KINDAI Graphic Art Course” (above, right) was submitted by Kiyoung An and Mei Kitamura as an advertisement for An’s graphic art course at Kindai University. Founded in 1925, the school is a private nonsectarian and coeducational university based in Higashiosaks, Osaka, Japan, with campuses in five other locations. Originally, Kindai University had two programs, the School of Engineering and the School of Commerce. Its School of Literature, Arts, and Cultural Studies is still fairly young, being opened in 1989, but it is thriving with excellent design as seen with this poster.

Against a black background, brightly colored squares and rectangles bounce around, leaving little paths in their wake. Mixed in are white square outlines, non-square shapes, and organic elements such as doodles and splotchs of paint. Within the squares and rectangles is “Kindai Graphic Art Course” and the school’s webiste, inviting viewers to hop online and check out the course. The final product is a cross between a handful of confetti and a vintage screensaver that is not your average class advertisement, but draws your attention and makes you wonder what the class is like.

Circling back to music, “Tribute to Joe Lovano Jazzhus Montmartre” (above, left) by Finn Nygaard celebrates the music and career of American jazz saxophonist, alto clarinestist, flutist, and drummer Joe Lovano. Born in 1952, Lovano’s love of jazz came from his father, and he started playing the saxophone at age six. After studying at the Berklee College of Music, he played in groups such as the Woody Herman orchestra and the big band of Mel Lewis before forming the quintet Us Five. He has earned a Grammy Award and several mentions on Down Beat magazine’s critics’ and readers’ polls.

Using shades of yellow, Nygaard brings the energy of jazz music to the poster, which was created for the legendary Danish jazz venue Jazzhaus Montmartre, located in the capital of Copenhagen. Wearing round glasses and a square hat, Lovano looks directly at the viewer as he plays his saxophone. The image features Nygaard’s distinct line art, giving the poster a feel of color block printing that’s unique compared to other promotional posters.

The last poster, “Empty Chair” (above, right), was designed by Dawang Sun and Hui Pan of T9 Brand as an advertisement for the titular drama. Their client was the NCPA, or the National Centre for the Performing Arts. Constructed in 2007 and colloquially described as “The Giant Egg”, the building is the largest theatre complex in Asia, with an opera hall, music hall, theater and art exhibition halls, restaurants, audio shops, and other facilities.

The main colors of the poster are black, white, and gray, and show an image of a simplified chair set over a black star. The top point pierces the seat of the chair, reflecting the theme of the drama, and is a striking red, which pops thanks to the neutral surroundings. The conflicting posters played a very good role in promoting the drama and attracted more audiences to watch the drama in the theater.

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