Flushed Away + Tudi Gong Temple: New Talent Winners & Latest Entries

When it comes to presenting a new product or book, compelling design can help you make a connection with the audience. The students behind this week’s featured submissions found new and innovative methods to present a product and engage the consumer.

Victoria Lin, a student attending The Newhouse School at Syracuse University, was assigned by her teacher Mel White to create a visual solution campaign for Waterpik, a dental hygiene company known for their cordless water flosser, which uses a stream of high-pressure water intended to remove plaque and food debris from between teeth and below the gum line. “Flushed Away” (above), which won Platinum in our 2022 competition, revamps its original clinical visual approach to its advertising by incorporating humorous graphics to capture consumers’ attention. This materialized into an advertisement series hyperbolizing the food scraps hidden between the teeth, with the Waterpik water flosser flushing out an entire cow, pig, and fish. At the bottom of each image, the copy reads, “There’s more food hidden between your teeth than you think.” This new approach to the company’s advertising works to distinguish the Waterpik flosser from the rest of its competitors by giving it a unique selling proposition and memorable imagery to present it as the most powerful and advanced puls-modulation technology on the market. 

In a new 2023 submission from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) student Huiting Lian, they explore how visual typography, scale and color, texture, and composition help shape her “Tudi Temple Book” (above) and how to translate the look into different formats. Founded in Chinese religion, Tudi Gong is a god whose deification and functions are determined by local residents. As Lian explains, “The chief characteristic of a Tudi Gong is the limitation of his jurisdiction to a single place—it may be a bridge, a street, a temple, a public building, a private home, or a field.” Separated into five sections, Lian’s book starts with their personal experience of being at Tudi Temple when they were in Xiamen before chronicling the history and role of the Tudi Gong Temple, and how the location is used to honor the Tudi god by making offerings and vows in exchange for prayers being granted. Utilizing bold font, Chinese character headings, and layered elements, Lian ensured that the information was easy to follow while remaining visually compelling. The book’s natural colors come from Lian’s choice of linen book cloth as the book cover and handmade paper for the pages, engaging the reader through physical touch as they read the book.

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Author: Graphis