Featured in Graphis Journal 363: Jeff Foster’s Vintage Illustrations

Jeff Foster is an American self-employed illustrator who has been making unique retro and vintage designs and packaging since the ’80s. His exemplary illustrations have won him awards in Graphis competitions, including Gold in the Poster Annual 2004. He’s done work in various fields including branding and advertising art. In our Journal #363, we display some of his work that show off his distinctive style, including a witty and inspiring Q&A.

Among some of his presented work is his illustration, “Continental Divide” (above), an image that presents his unique style, advertising a DD15 diesel engine. The image shows a bright blue truck driving through snowy mountains, indicating that the engine has enough power to get you through long trips.

Also featured is the “White Tail Nation” (above) cover for a book about a man hunting an elusive trophy buck. The cover displays the huge buck in the center, surrounded by mountains and trees, while the hunter is asleep in the background. There are also bullet holes scattered across the cover. 

Jeff Foster has enjoyed a long and successful career, doing work for BP&N, Wieden + Kennedy, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, among others. In his Q&A, he expresses how his love of art was encouraged by his parents, who are both deaf, setting him on the path to obtaining some of these jobs.

In addition to his successes, he mentions a dream goal of being able to ride in a yellow submarine. It’s clear that he has a sense of humor, which is an important ingredient that he requires from his clients as well.

You can check out more of his work and read his Q&A in Journal issue #363. Available now!

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