Fantastic Masks and Colorful Music: Four New Poster 2022 Entries

Nothing is better for a person than some art, and these four Poster 2022 entries are works of art while depicting art!

Who do you feel played a big influence on visual culture? Graphic designers Cedomir Kostovic and Iwona Rypesc-Kostovic think Federico Fellini, an Italian film director, did so, and as such created the Fellini 1920-2020 project, an invitational exhibition celebrating the centenary of Fellini’s birth and his profound impact on film. Graphis Master Stephen Bundi, a German designer from design firm Atelier Bundi AG, designed “Fellini 1920/2020” (above, left) for the project.

Fellini’s district film style features fantasy and baroque images, so it makes sense Bundi used similar imagery in his poster with commedia dell’arte masks. A frowning mask and long nose mask sit in the poster’s center, with the latter possessing one green eye staring back at the viewer. An array of blues and greens make up the color palette, giving a feeling of both life and mystery to both the poster and Fellini’s films.

Fons Hickmann m23 designers Fons Hickmann, Raul Kokott, and Paul Theisen give music movement with this series of fluid promotional posters for the RIAS Kammerchor, a German chamber choir based in Berlin. It was founded in 1948 as a regional radio station choir, with the goal of promoting contemporary musical composition. Since then, it has gained a national and international reputation and has made many commercial recordings.

RIAS Kammerchor Berlin” (above, right), based on the corporate design that M23 developed for RIAS Kammerchor, is characterized by colorful movements of paint-like liquid in different shades for each poster. It gives RIAS Kammerchor’s music a visual cue, giving a sense of beauty to their songs. In digital applications, the visualizations come to life: three-dimensional animations dance to the classical music of RIAS Kammerchor. Interestingly enough, the digital and analog media are redesigned each season, so who knows what amazing design we’ll see next time?

Though we may currently be socially distanced from each other, we can still come together for each other. That is the message behind American designer Soyeon Kwon’s entry “Togetherness Manifesto” (above, left). The inspiration for this poster is Italian poet F. T. Marinetti’s ‘Futurist Manifesto’ (1909), which praises the Futurism philosophy of youth, modernization, and cultural rejuvenation.

Using a Swiss grid as a base, Kwon ends up breaking it with a swirl of pink circles and yellow triangles. The nine points of the manifesto are printed over it in small Moderate typeface, and the word “togetherness” is broken apart on both halves of the poster, making the viewer’s eyes jump back and forth to read the word. Representing each individual, the warm colors and the shapes show the different characteristics of individuals, yet also how they are bonded together. This poster will encourage the public to think and work with each other.

If you’re feeling sluggish this winter season, why not give dancing a try? Austrian designer Christine Puchner, under Christine Puchner Graphik-Design, made “Poster for Contact Improvisation Workshops” (above, right) for client Monika Schuberth-Silberbunt, a professional dancer based in Vienna. Meant to promote a series of dancing workshops run by Schuberth-Silberbunt, Puchner’s goal was to create a graphic style that matched the client’s extraordinary ideas and personality.

Since the dancing Schuberth-Silberbunt teaches is unusual and contemporary, Puchner uses exotic animals as “dancers” instead of people, with a white tiger lifting a colorful bird. to express this unusual and individual contemporary dance. A fundamental principle of this dancing style is to take and give body weight, so the tiger, muscular and strong, easily lifts the more delicate bird. The use of hand-drawn collage and differing paper materials further represent how different this modern dance form is.

The deadline for our Poster 2022 competition has been extended to February 23, so don’t miss this opportunity to enter your work now! Click here to learn more.

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