Exciting Graphis Design Annual 2021 Entries from Digital Art (RU) and Wallace Church & Co. (US)

Russian design firm, Digital Art, submits its collection of small notebooks to the Design Annual 2021 competition. Titled, “Quote Books,” designers Ekaterina Pevneva, Ilya Pevnev, and Konstantin Maltsev took part in designing the gift set. The black and white palette gives it a classic feel and ensures that they will look good placed just about anywhere. Digital Art is a firm that specializes in various design services including postcards, brochures, calendars, and more. With stylized illustrations, they’ve created notebooks with a unique flair.

Wallace Church & Co. has submitted another entry to the Design Annual 2021, this time with special Valentine’s day lighters for Bic. “Bic Valentine’s Series” includes classic imagery associated with Valentine’s day such as roses, chocolate, and the color red, but they also infuse a bit of humor with puns galore. The design team puts together designs that definitely scream Valentine’s Day. Their past works have won Gold and Silver in our Design Annuals, and prove they have the power to stand out on shelves.

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