Encapsulating Elegance in These New Packaging 10 Entries From Marc Rosen, and Glenn Chan!

For COSONE in China, perfume represents the essence of a woman’s soul. The “U ARE Perfume” (above) bottle designed by Marc Rosen encompasses that spirit with intense diagonal ridges. Even the cap of the perfume exudes a feeling of luxury with its gold, pointed wand. The elegance captured in Rosen’s design would easily make consumers feel elegant themselves, and the numbers don’t lie. U ARE Perfume sold over 5,000 copies in the first month of its launch and has continued to make sales ever since.

Glenn Chan and Anna Rovedo are on the same page as Rosen when it comes to making bold, elegant designs. Their new design for “Blacktail Brewery Beer Bottles” (above), features a sleek black glass and simple, monochrome labels. As a small startup, Blacktail Brewery began in an old bowling alley. Chan and Rovedo capitalize on the company’s origin story by including bowling pins and a ball on the label, creating a unique image that sets the new brand apart from other craft beers.

There’s only one day left to enter your product design in the Packaging 10!

Author: Graphis

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