Drive Fun + The History of Rock: New Talent Winners & Latest Entries

Our New Talent 2022 entries were some of the best we’ve seen in this competition, so for this week, we wanted to showcase one of our Platinum-winning entries from last year alongside a new entry from this year.

Last year’s Platinum-winning entry comes from recent Syracuse University Advertising graduate Talia Adler, who submitted her proposed “Drive Fun” (above) print advertising campaign. For her assignment, Alder was tasked with creating a campaign for the Mini Cooper, a brand of B-segment, or “small cars” manufactured in England and Holland. Using the insight that driving felt less like fun and more like a chore used to get to whatever was “fun,” Alder created a campaign that highlighted the Mini Cooper’s playful nature by making the road the Mini Cooper drives go through a literal playground. The colorful cars are seen driving on and hanging from various playground structures, with the colors of the cars specifically chosen to pop against both the moody backgrounds and the red playground equipment. By choosing to advertise outside of the average conventions of a car ad, Alder creates an eye-catching, memorable ad campaign that perfectly captures the spirit of its “Drive Fun” tagline.

Our new entry showcase for this week also embodies colorful, playful energy. Fine Art and Communications in Advertising student Candace Castillo sends us “The Story Behind Every Track Book Collection” (above), an assignment created for her design class at California State University in Fullerton. Castillo had to create a set of three books, and with her love for rock and roll music, she chose to create a set of rock history books centering around three bands: Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and Pink Floyd. Finding that many other rock history books weren’t aesthetically pleasing, Castillo took on the challenge of making her book designs eye-catching and entertaining. Each book jacket is made of costume fabric and hand-painted, while the books themselves are decorated with Castillo’s illustrations of each band’s most famous album covers, such as Pink Floyd’s “The Division Bell,” “Wish You Were Here,” and “Dark Side of the Moon.” Through her work, Castillo does each band justice by showcasing elements of their unique styles and personalities, making for a book collection any rock and roll fan would love to own.

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Author: Graphis