Drinkfinity and Sogurt Yogurt: Two Amazing Packaging 10 Entries

Hungry or thirsty for new Packaging 10 entries? These entries have you covered!

First up, quench your thirst with PepsiCo Design & Innovation and their “Drinkfinity” bottles. Designed to be an “all-in-one hydration sidekick,” the twenty-ounce stainless steel bottles come with a variety of flavored pods that users can add to transform their flavorless water into their very own custom beverage. Available in five different colors, the vacuum-insulated bottle is designed to be distinctive and instantly recognizable. The spherical top adds a burst of fun as users “pop” their pods and enhance their beverages. 

As if we weren’t already sold, did you know that their Drinkfinity bottles are environmentally friendly? It’s true! Compared to a typical disposable twenty-ounce bottled beverage, a Drinkfinity Pod uses up to 65% less plastic and, as a result, requires 64% less plant space to produce. The Pods also use 27% less water and emit 32% less greenhouse gas emissions, in part because seven times fewer trucks are needed to deliver them. The bottles were released worldwide in 2018, and with flavors like watermelon lemonade, pomegranate acaï, and mango chia, users are getting their daily hydration like never before.

On the lookout for a sweet treat? Look no further than “Sogurt Probiotic Froyo Ice-Cream,” designed by the Hartwork Agency in Singapore. Sogurt was founded in 2010 and has since then become widely-known and well-loved for its frozen yogurt. The brand was the first in Singapore to implement a do-it-yourself frozen yogurt shop with a variety of delicious toppings. Their low-fat, high calcium recipe caters to the young, old, health-conscious, and everyone in between, and their newest formula is also low in sugar and contains gut-healthy probiotics. Sogurt turned to Hartwork for a rebranding as fresh as their yogurt.

Hartwork member Jimmy Chew was the creative director of the project. Chew has earned great recognition for his previous work, including winning The Good Design Awards in 2018 and a silver award both at the IDA (International Design Awards) and Graphis’ Typography 4 competition. Chew created packaging with bright pastels to reflect both Sogurt and its founder’s personality: fun, approachable, and free-spirited. The design also reflects an optimistic and dynamic aesthetic, showcasing their campaign motto “Happy Gut, Happy Life” and their brand promise, “Crafted with Love and All Things Good.” 

If you enjoyed these designs, check out the rest Packaging 10 has to offer! Our April 3rd deadline is fast approaching, so don’t forget to submit your entries!

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