Designs from Denmark’s Best: Finn Nygaard Featured in Journal #369

Born in Denmark in 1955, Graphis Master Finn Nygaard is an award-winning designer known for his posters, illustrations, graphic design, and corporate identity programs and color consulting for both Danish and international companies. Nygaard established his studio, Finn Nygaard Inc., in 1979, and since then he has created over seven hundred posters over his decades-long career. He has had several one-man shows and exhibitions all over the world, and is also a frequent guest lecturer to student and professional groups. He has given many poster workshops and lectures in countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan, India, Iran, Korea, the U.S., Mexico, Bolivia, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. He lives on the Island of Mors in the Limfjord of Denmark, and is a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI).

No matter the medium, Nygaard’s work is always colorful, bright, and incredibly detailed, like his piece with No Title (above, left) that won Gold in Graphis’ Poster Annual 2007, and his 2015 exhibition in the Danish Poster Museum titled “We Are All Equal” (above, right and below). His strongest characteristic, however, is the passion he puts into his pieces, a passion that has constantly stayed with him through the ups and downs of the world of graphic design.

Here’s a sneak peek of our Q&A with him:

What is the most difficult challenge you’ve had to overcome in your career?

Doing design and corporate identity programs and color consultings for the Öresundstrain and Danish Air Transport. The Öresundstrain unites the Danish-Swedish region of Öresund, crossing two bridges and featuring an elegant color-setting, while the Danish Air Transport’s planes take off with a spectacular palette of colors. I was awarded the Danish Design Prize for my part of the Öresundstrain project.

What are the benefits of having your own studio?


You have had many exhibitions during your career. Which one has been the most memorable and why?

IdcN — International Design Centre Nagoya in Japan. Because it was in Japan and because Japanese aesthetics appeals so much to me. They’re actually quite similar to Nordic aesthetics. The exhibition, the setup, the days in Japan, the cooperation with the IdcN staff …. all was perfect.

You have also hosted many workshops and lectures during your career. Which workshop/lecture is the most memorable and why?

I had an exhibition and workshop in Tehran, Iran. The first day was difficult. The students were a little reluctant, a little shy … maybe also a little afraid? Not because of me, but due to the fact that the room was monitored by ‘dark men’ (morality police). Soon, however, the students loosened up, and we had some very nice days together, working, evaluating, laughing … All the students were very friendly, eager to learn and soak up all my advice, and to hear about my experiences. Those were great days — and it was very nice to be together with the people that had arranged it all.

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