Design: Underline Studio & more from Canada

Under the direction of Fidel Peña and Claire Dawson, Designer Julie MacKinnon of Underline Studio in Toronto designed the colorful packaging above for Halo Brewery in order to create “an approachable brand that matched its unconventional sensibilities.” As a brewery that crafts unique beers with an array of different ingredients, they needed to convey their brand’s personality and stand out from among the rest. Underline studio’s design presents “a look that is energetic, modern and a bit rebellious,” which perfectly fit the brand’s goals.

Stefan Canuel of the National Gallery of Canada, located in Ottowa, designed the above book as a self-initiated project for the company. “Working in close collaboration with Vancouver-based artist Geoffrey Farmer, the goal was to design a book to complement his exhibition in the Canada pavilion at the 2017 Venice Biennale…His sculptures offered a meditation on how personal tragedy and global traumatic events can affect us, even through generations.”

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Author: Graphis