Devil’s in the Details: Chad Michael’s Sinfully Good Design

By: Chad Makerson Michael

Devil’s Botany Distillery tapped Chad Michael Studio to conceive and design their new range of Absinthes dubbed ‘Mettlesome Libations.’ The mesmerizing package design for this revolutionary Chocolate Absinthe Liqueur seamlessly filters the classic bookplate illustration style through a contemporary lens. As the city’s first-ever Absinthe distillery, Devil’s Botany Distillery goes beyond the ordinary, creating an experience that taps into the very essence of London’s traditions. The entire label, from its typography to color palette, draws inspiration from both 1800s apothecary signage and the antiquated naive labels that once graced the bottles on those shelves, weaving a narrative that pays homage to a bygone era.

Within this highly exaggerated bookplate design is a literal book illustration, nestled and open to a new chapter at the bottom, featuring a mysterious, devilish, and shadowy figure. The fact that the entirety of the illustration was hand-drawn and then relief-carved using the linocut technique kicks up the authenticity of the design. The delicate use of desaturated color and whimsical imagery invites consumers to “Revel with the Devil.”

Crucially, the package design isn’t the only thing evoking history; the recipe itself echoes classic ingredients found in Absinthe recipes of the 17th and 18th centuries. Devil’s Botany Mettlesome Libations doesn’t just offer a product; it presents a journey through time and flavor, where each sip becomes a step into the past.

This overall design execution ensures that the sinfully divine tasting notes aren’t just a treat for the palate but a visual celebration that would tempt the Devil himself. Devil’s Botany becomes more than a distillery; it’s a storyteller, inviting consumers to revel in indulgence, embrace the extraordinary, and savor the moments of rich history and innovation within each drop. In this harmonious blend of tradition and creativity, Devil’s Botany emerges not just as a distillery but as a guide through a sensorial expedition, where the past and present converge in every exquisite detail.

Established in 2014, Chad Michael Studio is an international, full-service branding and package design agency dedicated to the world of alcoholic beverages and other specialty goods. The studio was born with the mindset of only pursuing projects where the passion and excitement for the brand were greater than or equal to that of the client. Helmed by Chad Michael, their team believes wholeheartedly that the greatest results are delivered out of passion and persistence. Since its inception, Chad Michael Studio has named, developed, and designed nearly one hundred beverage brands. Select clients include Jack Daniel’s, Coopers’ Craft, Jackson Family Wines, Black Steel Bourbon, Sespe Creek Distillery, St. Laurent Distillerie, and Cooper Spirits.

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Author: Graphis