Design: Brenda Tong & more from Canada

The Gold Award-winning design was created by Brenda Tong of Entro Communications located in Toronto. Designed for client Whitney Museum of American Art, it succeeded as a “solution for donor recognition to meet the specific vision of the Museum and their funding campaigns. To develop a distinctive design which complements and enhances the architectural environment.”

lg2, based in Montreal, won Gold in the Design Annual 2018 competition for the above design for client Alain Larochelle of Olympic Park. Designed by Sophie Valentine under Creative Director Maude Lescarbeau, this colorful atmosphere was intended to “mark its 40th anniversary of the Montreal Olympic Games with a commemorative exhibition” and “Seven themed displays were created and set up along a staged circuit that guided the visitor through the exhibition.”

The Design Annual 2019 competition is still open for submissions! Enter your work by Tuesday, March 20, 2018.

Author: Graphis