Carmit Design Studio’s ‘FIXED’ Challenges Societal Expectations

In a world where silence often shrouds the struggles of women, Carmit Makler Haller‘s latest creation shouts in stark, visceral tones. The “FIXED” series by Carmit Design Studio was awarded Platinum for its powerful exploration of the female experience. It stands as a raw testament to resilience and the quest for healing. With a discerning eye and a deft hand, Haller stitches together a narrative that goes beyond the surface, delving into the depths of societal obsession with physical perfection.

By: Carmit Makler Haller

Another Platinum from the Graphis Design Annual Competition 2024 goes to my “FIXED” series. I’m humbly honored and grateful that these social pieces were selected so they can raise awareness of women’s abuse and suffering in our modern lives. I am glad this issue is getting the right pedestal it deserves, and I can only hope for an impactful change. 

The following works examine the fragility, pain, and dependency—when the body is broken and fixed. The idea of being on the mend was driven by a personal experience in which I learned firsthand what it meant to be physically helpless and dependent due to surgery. That is how the first piece (female with a stitched core) came to life. My audience observed it through a broader perspective—abortions, for example, or the female obsession with her body. An obsession that ranged from anorexia to body disfiguration and plastic surgery. I decided to develop a series of broken, aloof, and dependent women who underwent a “fixed” procedure. However, the reason for their operation still remained unclear: were they pursuing the perfect figure according to the cruel fashion industry? Or was it a deeper, more violent trauma they were convalescing from? The red thread, symbolizing life and energy, stitches together the broken and distorted body, but at what cost? The type was threaded into the bodies as if tattooed or branded. The actual thread was photographed separately and digitally edited into the image, giving it a realistic feel.

Carmit Haller is a visual communications designer and the owner of Carmit Design Studio. For the past two decades, she has been working as a lead graphic designer in the fields of consumer markets, high-tech startups, and luxury real estate. Her passion lies in poster design and typography. Haller addresses cultural, social, and political topics in a strong and thought-provoking view. Carmit Haller is the recipient of worldwide prestigious awards such as Graphis and Rockport Publishing. She took part in international exhibitions such as the Tolerance Poster Show, What Unites Us Online Poster exhibition, the International Reggae Poster Contest, Graphis’ Designers for Peace worldwide poster exhibition, and She has been invited to judge Graphis’ New Talent and Annual Poster competitions and has been a Graphis Master since 2023, a member of AIGA since 2007, a Mentor since 2020, and a member of the China Europe International Design Culture Association (CEIDA) since 2022. Originally from Israel, Carmit holds a BA in social work from Tel Aviv University, and a BFA in new media from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. She currently resides in San Francisco, California.

Design and Creative—Carmit Makler Haller/Carmit Design Studio

Photography—Adobe Stock

Digital Editing—Carmit Makler Haller/Carmit Design Studio, Jorge Gamboa / Mal de Ojo

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Author: Graphis