Tradition Meets Modern: Another Collective’s Quinta da Boavista Wine Package

Another Collective (Portugal), led by designers Bruno Soares and Eduardo Rodrigues, earned acclaim in Graphis Design 2024 for their winery packaging project titled “Quinta da Boavista – Michelin Guide.” The design pays homage to the pinnacle of Portuguese gastronomy, as the Michelin Guide celebrates. Crafted for Quinta da Boavista – Sogevinus, the project intricately wove together its legacy and the excellence of its winemaking artisans, setting the stage for a story of creativity, heritage, and innovative design.

By: Bruno Soares

The challenge consisted of creating an object to honor the chefs who carry the flag of Portuguese gastronomy through the recognition obtained in the Michelin Guide. The intention was to develop an entity capable of reflecting the essence of Quinta da Boavista and carrying on its legacy.

The object has the mission of honoring the one who’s gifted and giving meaning to what it holds within, since, in addition to carrying the wine, it serves as a communication piece, where the range of wines from Quinta da Boavista.

The concept is based on associating the box with Quinta’s historical past, which must be preserved. The connection to The Baron of Forrester, an unavoidable figure in the history of the Douro and Port wine, with a solid connection to Quinta da Boavista, a scholar of his time and creator of an important publication of 1848: a remarkable map of the Douro river, from the Spanish border to the mouth of the Douro.

Thus, we designed the box to convey the idea of a case/box, almost like an object that carries something worthy of study, a sample to be explored and evaluated—a legacy of a centuries-old farm.

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Author: Graphis