Design Annual 2017 CFE Submission: New York, USA


The Graphis Design Annual 2017 Competition is still accepting entries! Above and below is more award-winning work by Graphis Master Fred Woodward of GQ Magazine. These pages were created with the help of his design team, which includes Martin Salazar, Andre Jointé, Chelsea Cardinal, Griffin Funk, Kristie Bailey, and John Muñoz. The pages above were designed by Martin Salazar.  See below for more. 

Other editorial designs from the New York area by: AS IF Media GroupMcCandliss and Campbell, and  John Sposato Design & Illustrationamong others.

Andre Jointé designed the two pages below. To see more of GQ Magazine’s work, click here.

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Kristie Bailey (left) and Griffin Funk (right) designed the two pages below. Click here for more information. 

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There is only 1 day left to submit to the Design Annual 2017 CompetitionSubmit your work here!

Did you know? Graphis will fully display up to 500 Platinum, Gold, Silver and Merit winners in our online archive.

Submit early to gain greater exposure and a possible blog promotion! 

Author: Graphis