Design Annual 2017 CFE Submission: London

jkr - Youngs Signage (Full range of illustrations)Print

The above images from London, United Kingdom were recently submitted to the Graphis Design Annual 2017 Competition by Sean Lingwood from Jones Knowles Ritchie. The design was created for Young’s & Co. Brewery and was meant to “create signs with stories for pubs with soul.” See below for more: 

The image below is also a part of Lingwood’s series. The design is as unique as each of the brewery’s 120 pubs located throughout London and the South East; they uncovered the stories that make each pub unique, which resulted in the creation of 94 different sign graphics. Click here to see more.


Other award-winning design firms from London that submitted their work to the Design Annual 2016 Competition: Steven Taylor Associates, Seymourpowell and Brand & Deliver, among others. To see these and more, click here.

There are 27 days left to submit to the Design Annual 2017 Competition. Submit your work here!

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