Design Annual 2014
Platinum Winner Spotlight: Stranger & Stranger


Stranger and Stranger – The Art of the Bottle

Sometimes it isn’t even about the drink.

While whiskey may have made its debut in the rough and rowdy saloons of the wild west, the beverage has since earned a place on the desks of the rich and wealthy, the sleek bottle placed beside beautiful crystal glasses and in a beautiful decanter — more adornment than utility.

Stranger & Stranger‘s stunning ‘Jack Daniel’s White Rabbit‘ bottle design has earned placement in such lavish backdrops, and thus, a Platinum in our Graphis Design Annual 2014.

The whiskey bottle celebrates the legacy of Mr. Jack Daniels, who opened The White Rabbit Saloon in Lynchburg town square some 120 years ago, which became a gathering place for the locals.


Stranger & Stranger is a consistent Graphis award winner, who also won a Gold for ‘Stranger & Stranger Ultimate Deck’ and ‘Green Thumb‘ wine bottle design in our Graphis Design Annual 2014.

A prominent competitor in the wine and spirits packaging and branding business Stranger & Stranger lays claim to a surfeit of awards and has helped sell a billion bottles of beer, wine and spirits across the world, according to their website.

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 5.54.40 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-04 at 5.54.50 PMThe Design Annual 2015 competition features the most compelling and influential design of the year. Prizes consist of gold and platinum awards, with winning entries published in the Design Annual 2015. To submit your own work to the Design Annual 2015 competition, click here.

To check out more work by Stranger & Stranger, click here.

Designer: Stranger & Stranger
Category: Packaging
Title: ‘Jack Daniel’s White Rabbit’

Author: Rachel Lowry

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