Cultivated Campers + Next Gen Gaming Headphones: 2022 Advertising Annual Award Winners

Our Advertising 2023 Annual Awards competition is officially accepting entries, and to get you into a submitting mood, let’s take a look at some of our big winners from last year.

When it comes to camping, there’s nothing more comfortable than staying in an RV or motorcoach. But how do you pick which one to go with? “Natural Elegance” (above) is an ad series for Tiffin Motorhomes, one of the best luxury RV company out there. Wanting to differentiate themselves from the competition, they reached out to Lewis Communications (US) to create a campaign to remind consumers why their vehicles are worth the extra money. Running with the idea of wealth, Lewis Communications worked to make the RVs elegant with an unexpected campaign that imagined what wildlife would look like if they experienced the same level of luxury in the wild that Tiffin offers.

Natural elements are combined with rich colors and posh patterns to juxtapose the elegance of the RVs with their role as a camper. Most notable, of course, is the personified animals, dressed in gorgeous clothes and posing as if for a portrait, which is made believable with the painterly natural background. If it was the portraits alone, one could easily think they were eccentric fashion ads, but the color-coded RV and the tagline “As Elegant as Nature Gets” remind the viewer otherwise. The “Natural Elegance” advertising campaign earned Lewis Communications a Platinum award, and Tiffin continues to sell every single vehicle they produce; they currently have a waiting list through the first half of next year for vehicles that are sold.

Every element matters in a video game, and arguably the most important is sound. You need the best to give orders to your fellow gamers or hear that atmospheric soundtrack, and that’s what PETROL Advertising wanted to show with the Platinum winning “JBL Quantum Series Commercial” (above). Made for JBL, who is no stranger to innovation (being one of the leading brands in sound technology), PETROL made a point to show that no matter the type of gamer you are or what type of game you play, everyone benefits from their new headphones and their advanced sound capabilities.

Running only thirty seconds long and created with a combination of 3D/CGI, photography, and motion graphics, there’s still plenty to see with a cloud of odds and ends from various video games. From swords and dragons to guns and soliders, all the figures and detritus flow together in a stream of light to literally build up the headphones which are then worn by a knight, solider, and criminal. The sound quality is so great, it truly takes you into the world of the game and the character being played, immersing themselves in the sounds of victory just like the tagline of the commercial says. As it was supposed to, the trailer introduced the new JBL Quantum headsets to consumers with a global wide launch, bringing sound to the forefront of the conversation for gamers. 

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Author: Graphis