Creative Thinking: New Advertising Annual 2022 Entries Think Outside the Box

A new week, a new selection of entries from our Advertisement Annual 2022 competition to showcase. This week’s submissions, both developed for companies based out of the U.S., involve unlikely pairs, which result in a strong case for the product and service.

Art director and main contributor Spencer Till of Graphis Master firm Lewis Communications worked with photographer Jeff Williams, writer and associate creative director Steve Skibba, executive creative director Stephen Curry, and digital artists Andy Cargile and John Pope to create “Natural Elegance“, a print automotive ad for Tiffin Motorhomes. A majority of RV dealers sell multiple brands at their locations, so the job was to make a series of posters differentiating Tiffin’s motorcoaches from the existing competition. Because Tiffin’s is more expensive than its competitors, they need to remind the consumer why their vehicles are worth the extra money.

To reflect how Tiffin’s motorcoaches are built to the highest of luxury standards, the team developed a series of posters imagining what wildlife would look like if they experienced the same level of luxury that Tiffin offers. The posters were created to look like fashion ads, with the team taking local wildlife and dressing them up. Not only do these posters have a comical effect, but they were very effective. Tiffin continues to sell every single vehicle they produce while charging a premium price for the experience. They currently have a waiting list through the first half of next year for vehicles that are sold.

The team at ad agency &Barr, including creative director and art director Christian Wojciechowski, art director Kenzie Estes, account supervisor Rebekah Bouch, digital artist Arturo Fajardo, account executive Kimberly Blaylock, copywriter Megan Rosenoff, associate creative director Jacqui Garcia, and agency producer Jennifer Rivera, worked with the Space Coast Office of Tourism to develop “+Space” a unique video ad promoting travel. Florida’s Space Coast has everything every other tourist destination has save for one thing: rockets! Because of safety, permitting, and obvious logistical reasons, &Barr couldn’t film a launch the way they originally envisioned for the campaign; therefore, they needed to get creative. The result: a fully digital (awareness) campaign. 

Because they couldn’t access a launch, &Barr decided to build it themselves. Working in Cinema 4D, they were able to control every aspect: the placement of the sun and clouds, what kind of sky was needed (they chose a launch at dusk), what rocket looked best, the rotation of the rocket in flight, and the placement of multiple cameras to get the angle needed to complete the required image. &Barr’s project was unique and different from other tourism agencies. The Space Coast Office of Tourism’s response to the video? “No changes!” 

Have these unique advertisements inspired you to enter our Advertisement Annual 2022? If yes, enter by TOMORROW, July 13, 2021.

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