Common Edge Collaborative Reconnects Architecture and Design Industries to the Public

An exciting non-profit organization, Common Edge Collaborative, is helping designers and architects learn about the needs of the public.

Martin C. Pedersen, Executive Director of Common Edge Collaborative and long-time friend of Graphis, is doing wonderful work for the design and architecture industries. His open-source website,, is a place for architects, designers and planners to gain access to what the public needs and wants in their communities. The site features about 300 original essays, interviews with Pulitzer Prize winning critics, and offers the tools and resources needed for industry leaders to design buildings and plan neighborhoods that will directly benefit various populations.
In a recent email relating their glowing testimonials, the Common Edge Collaborative team shared that Michael Kimmelman, architecture critic for the New York Times said, “At a time when intelligent and critical writing about cities, infrastructure, architecture and the environment is both increasingly rare and never more urgent to the welfare of the nation, Common Edge serves a key role. It is itself a kind of town square for some of the most thoughtful voices and ideas.”
We commend Common Edge Collaborative and suggest that designers check out their site for more info! 

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Author: Graphis

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