Change is Constant: Favorite Ad Campaigns Highlight New Beginnings

Lifestyle is defined as a way in which a person lives, and each person’s lifestyle is unique. With ever-changing interests and technology, people’s lifestyles must also change. That’s exactly what some of the best entries from our Advertising Annual 2021 competition promote: change. 

Seasons changing means new shows coming to primetime television. FOX has debuted two new series, Prodigal Son (above, left) and Deputy (above, right), and both have taken off. The companies behind the ad campaign, ARSONAL and FOX Entertainment, are some of the most recognizable in the industry. Founded by Brad Johnson and Ethan Archer in 2007, ARSONAL’s mission is to focus on developing creative print and digital solutions for a variety of entertainment partners. The company has worked with many other networks and brands to help them reach their own dreams and share their messages. FOX Entertainment is a division of Fox Corporation that was founded in 2019 after The Walt Disney Company’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox. Though only a few years old, FOX Entertainment has already produced a number of amazing shows.

The goal for both projects: create a display for good vs. evil, and is appealing to a broad audience. After all, the idea for the shows was to display different concepts and characters while reminding viewers that change is needed in order to grow. The photographer for “Prodigal Son”, Mark Seliger, used a lighter palette for toning and treatment to get a specific color scheme and was able to successfully demonstrate the father and son living in each other’s heads. The poster’s other goal — pointing out key themes and providing context to the main characters’ complicated relationships — was also achieved. “Deputy’s” art director, Jason Schmidt, shot actor Stephen Dorff at various LA locations and at the studio. The advertisement for “Deputy” is unique as it’s unlike any other police show that’s currently on air; Stephen Dorff, who plays the lead character, is portrayed as a “rough around the edges lawman who upholds the law regardless of political bureaucracy.” The ad’s style, tone, and contemporary use of colors sets it apart, making the show its own. Both projects were successful, with clients, fans, and the creators being satisfied with the outcome.

One beauty of life is that almost anything can be customized and tailored for one’s liking. Living in luxury is more accessible thanks to Kohler Smart Home. Homeowners can now personalize their bathroom experience, hence Make It Yours (above) by Brad Williams. The main tagline in each photo describes the experience Kohler wants its users to have: “Your Bathroom. Your Style. Your Way.” The idea is to remind people that anything can be suited to fit one’s needs and lifestyle, including a bathroom. This design was developed with a “one-of-a-kind” experience. Kohler collaborated with Manchester United players to design smart bathrooms, and these bathrooms reflect specific characteristics that demonstrate to fans how Kohler can personalize their home.

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