Branding: Hornall Anderson & more from Washington, USA

Designers Madison Schneider, Ben YoungDamien Bertels, and Katie Polenick of Hornall Anderson based in Seattle entered the above branding design to our current Branding7 competition. In order to make their client, Fathom, stand out from among cruise lines and exemplify their stance as a tour more focused on enriching travel experience rather than merely luxury, “the modern, multi-faceted system plays out across nearly 100 individual touchpoints onboard and onshore, full of reminders to keep eyes and minds open” and “to support and inspire travelers before, during and after sailing, we created an online experience that gives a view of what lies ahead and of where they’ve been.”

Hornall Anderson works “in focused pursuit of diverse strategic and creative solutions. Each is rooted in our client’s purpose and the vision required to stand the test of time. We tailor nimble, cross-disciplinary teams to create the way forward.”

Under the direction of Robb Ginter, Designers Cole Johnston and Jordan Hillyard designed the above branding for client Sur La Table. Submitted as part of a series, the entry won a Gold Award in Design Annual 2014. The design reflected the warm, cozy atmosphere of the shop, which sells cookware, cutlery, bakeware, and dinnerware.

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Author: Graphis