Bottled Up: New Talent 2023 Latest Entries

This week, our trend of showcasing new entries from our New Talent competition continues, this time with a refreshing twist.

Kylie Baker, a fine arts graduate from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art and Architecture, challenges the connotations presented by the term “four eyes” with her packaging design project, “Four Eyes Hard Seltzer” (above). It presents a concept for a brand of fruit-flavored sparkling hard seltzer based on a bold and youthful brand with a playful aesthetic. To accomplish this, she branded each flavor of the seltzer with a different character, each wearing a different pair of fruit-styled glasses that inform their personality. This, in combination with the name and colors used for each drink, both personify the brand and make it appealing and fun. Baker also employed a bold yet limited color palette for each can, a choice that both represented each flavor and would stand out in a crowd of drink options.

Our other entry is from Charlotte Friedman, a fellow graduate of Temple University’s Tyler School of Art and Architecture with a recent degree in graphic and interactive design. Her submission, “Ruthless Rooster” (above) is another alcoholic beverage brand concept, but with a completely different identity. Drawing inspiration from old-school boxing posters, this craft beer brand was designed primarily for boxing fanatics, beer enthusiasts, and groups of friends looking to try new drinks. Friedman’s concept aims to capture customers through its illustrative mascots, its gritty style that references screen print design, and the way boxing is baked into every aspect of the brand: the names of each beer allude to famous boxers both real and fictional, such as “The Raging Bull,” an homage to American boxer and world middleweight champion Jake LaMotta, and “The Italian Stallion,” the nickname for famous fictional boxer Rocky Balboa of the Rocky series. The branding encourages consumers to pit the beers against each other, seeing which one reigns victorious as their personal favorite.

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Author: Graphis