Beautiful History and Christmas Time Confections: Latest Packaging 10 Entries

Every product has a story and history behind it, regardless of how long it’s been around or how quickly it will disappear. Such stories also influence the packaging of said products, and when that happens, you have brilliant designs such as these.

Shenzhen Excel Brand Design ConsuItant CO., Ltd. from China has submitted amazing packaging designs throughout the competition, and they continue to do so with “Changyu – Koya 30 Years X.O” (above). A high-end brandy that recently celebrated its 30th birthday, the firm wanted the bottle to reflect the company’s sense of history and high-end products. As such, the unique design is inspired by the ancient distillation apparatus for brewing brandy. It’s integrated with a swan-like graceful posture, smooth lines, and balanced proportion, and is permeated with the aesthetic heritage of both Chinese porcelain and Chinese calligraphy, making a look full of tension and classic ingenuity. On its own, it could easily pass as a small sculpture and a noble work of art. The whole design is contemporary with how it activates ancient images, blends Chinese and Western culture, and reaches a high-end, international level, and the customer ultimately thought the shape of the distillation flask was beautiful and very suitable for the product.

Nieman Marcus is a store like no other. Founded all the way back in 1907 in Texas, the luxury retail chain has been providing quality goods to its customers for decades. A special thing the business does during Christmas time is issuing an annual Christmas catalog, which gets much free publicity from the national media for a tradition of unusual and extravagant gifts not sold in its stores. One normal but still fancy present offered is the “Neiman Marcus Holiday 2021 Annual Popcorn Tin” (above), designed by Neiman Marcus Creative Services. Created for the 2021 holiday season, the tin is a bright, shiny red with a sparse snowfall pattern. On the front is an elegant Christmas tree, sectioned off in panels like a stained glass window in different shades of green and dotted with red balls resembling ornaments. A garland made from big pieces of popcorn drapes the tree, and on top is a gold star topper. With type on the lid and can sharing what’s inside, the tin is a lovely collector’s item you can’t wait to open!

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Author: Graphis