Space of Mind cabin by Studio Puisto

Space of Mind Cabin by Studio Puisto Featured in Graphis Journal #376

On a mossy hillside in Finland overlooking the sea, an asymmetrical box made of blonde wood and glass stands in a small clearing among the trees. A closer look reveals that it’s a cabin, with a roof that slopes sharply in two directions, making its shape reminiscent of some sort of large, pale golden jewel. With just enough floor space for a comfy double bed and a few key pieces of small furniture, all bathed in ample daylight from the single window that comprises an entire side of the structure, this is Studio Puisto’s Space of Mind cabin.

The studio’s concept for the cabin sprang from the need to rethink travel to suit pandemic-time needs. Between wanting to avoid getting or spreading Covid-19 and the restrictions of widespread lockdowns, few felt comfortable traveling far from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. But the desire to break the endless cycle of spending day after day in the same space, with the same people, was real—and a small, affordable cabin that could be plunked down in a backyard, on a rooftop, or in a forest seemed like just the solution. The result is, as the name suggests, the perfect place to get away from the daily grind and simply get lost in your own thoughts.

Space of Mind has roughly 90 square feet of floor space, and is prefabricated at a Finnish factory using sustainably sourced wood. Three options are available for cladding, which should be chosen to suit the cabin’s environment: Finnish larch wood, tar paper, or galvanized steel with standing seams. It’s light enough to be transported by crane or helicopter, adding to its flexibility, and it can sit on a foundation of either helical piers or lightweight concrete, limiting its impact on the site.

The studio collaborated with Finnish furniture brand Made by Choice for the interior, which features custom-designed furniture pieces that easily slot into place using a clever system of wooden pegs and holes. Furniture options range from a bed to chairs, a table, and storage shelving, allowing for the cabin to be easily and quickly adapted to different uses.

Pricing starts at around $32k US. Learn more at Studio To read more of Journal #376, you can preorder the issue here.

Author: Graphis