Annual Reports: Fresh New Submissions & Classic Winning Projects from Ashley Vetter and Matt Shlian (US)

These beautifully designed Annual Reports go further than laying out facts and figures. They celebrate the success and ethos of the companies they represent.

It is always exciting to see how designers apply their creativity when it comes to Annual Reports. A great example is GOdesign’s Gold-winning work, “BA 2014 Annual & Sustainability Report > Impossible” (ABOVE). The pink and green markings on otherwise bland newsprint whimsically points out the ways in which the company improved. There is also witty copy found on the markers themselves, stating, “achieve your targets and mark them as done.” Certainly, there is plenty of thinking outside the box behind this award winner.
Another stunning Annual Report recently submitted to the Annual Reports 2017-2019 Competition was created by Communica for Waterford Bank. The commissioned annual report, “Tenfold, Celebrating a Decade of Dedication,” celebrates the bank’s ten year anniversary and highlights their growth. Beautifully crafted folded paper artwork by artist Matt Shlian offers a unique touch of elegance and taste. Designer Ashley Vetter used a sophisticated color palette and clean, modern page layouts. It was related to us that this Annual Report was shared with the bank’s internal and external stakeholders at their annual meeting and was embraced as a commemorative keepsake for the organization. 

Be sure to submit to Graphis’ Annual Reports 2017-2019 Competition by March 13, 2019Winners will have the opportunity to see their work published on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms!

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