Annual Reports 2014/2015 Submission Spotlight: South Africa

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Client: African Parks   Designer: Alinda Odendaal

The Annual Reports designs of Alinda Odendaal  (image above) and Tarryn Tjasnick (image below) join other South African talents such as HKLM Exchange, Studio Five, and Cyril Percimony into the 2014/15 competition.

A classic yet bold theme was used by Alinda Odendaal for the 2012 Discovery Integrated Annual Report. The goal was to display the non profit conservatory’s  decade of change” and showcased the seven parks with bold, close-up photography of wildlife and Parks personnel to illustrate significant moments.

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Client: Discovery Integrated   Designer: Tarryn Tjasink

The strong imagery used by Tarryn Tjasink reflected Discovery Integrated’s core purpose of “making people healthier”. By using a rich array of activities, Discovery’s various business practices were displayed vibrantly. language translate  A range of segmented, easy-to-read information as well as opinion pieces from leadership and case studies were incorporated to showcase performance trends for the year.

The Graphis Annual Reports 2014/2015 Competition features some of the most compelling and influential designs of the year from across the world. Gold and Platinum awards, and winning entries, will be published in the Annual Reports 2014/2015 Annual. Submit your work to the competition here.


Author: Graphis