Annual Report 2014-2015 Spotlight: Western Europe

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Agency: B.I.G. Prague Client: Czech Group  Designer: Pavel Rakusan

The Annual Reports designs of  B.I.G Prague and Ivity join other regional talents such as: GGGraphik Design, (Germany), Black Sun (UK) KMS Team, and PolarWERK into the 2014/2015 competition.

When the Czech Republic based B.I.G. Prague Agency designed the award winning 2012 Annual Report for the CEZ Group, their goal was to present one of the biggest companies in the country as one that is “ready for the future”. [Read More]

The use of bold and vibrant hues used by B.I.G Prague was inspired by the company’s message and extraordinarily broad array of services. B.I.G Prague strived to translate the company’s success in a graphically appealing fashion and to uphold the Czech tradition of respecting the “people that are served”.  The 2012 CEZ Group’s Annual Report confirmed its status as the most attractive Annual Report in the Czech Republic, as for the 15th time, it has received an overall 1st place award in the prestigious national competition CZECH TOP 100: Best Annual new image
Agency: GGGraphik Design  Client: SRH Holdings

The Graphis Annual Reports 2014/2015 Competition features some of the most compelling and influential designs of the year from across the world. Gold and Platinum awards, and winning entries, will be published in the Annual Reports 2014/2015 Annual. Submit your work to the competition here.

Author: Graphis