Advertising Inspiration: New Entries for Advertising Annual 2022

Happy (belated) 4th of July to our American Graphis readers! We hope you had a happy, relaxing holiday. Our Advertising Annual 2022 competition is doing well, and this week we’re proud to share three new entries who use the power of print to share their advertisements with others.

Earth day is every day. Robert Talarczyk (U.S.) of Darkhorse Design, LLC worked on “Earth Day(above) for Planet Earth. The advertisement was designed to persuade others to practice/change their lifestyle habits to help protect the planet. The photograph showcases a beautiful view of a forest, with a large rock formation in the backdrop and a flat, calm lake that perfectly reflects the rock formation. Wonderfully serene, this image captures the pure beauty of nature and how it should be preserved across the world. 

Seeing Eye Design’s team (Canada) worked on “Becoming a Health Care Hero” (above, left) for Stenberg College. Their assignment was to create an eye-catching poster to promote the school’s health care curriculum, and since health care workers have long been heroes (especially during the pandemic), photographer Ken Villeneuve went with a superhero theme, capturing the model in a “hero’s pose” (hands on hips, standing straight up). The model, Meghan, was called a superhero by her brother for the work she did to look after her family, and the confidence that she radiates is meant to inspire others. In the end, Stenberg College and its nursing program loved the poster and enrollment rates increased. 

Finally, nikkeisha, inc. (Japan) developed a spectacular night sky ad for Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd. The company creates probiotic drinks, and hence came the title “The Guiding Light of Live Bacteria(above, right). The advertisement was created by designer Hikari Maesaka, copywriter Takeshi Wakabayashi, and art directors Hidetaka Sugiyama and Hiroyuki Nakamura. Depicting a starry night sky, the ad shows a constellation in the shape of a Yakult bottle before listing facts about our gut and the benefits of probiotics, along with Yakult’s mission statement. This ad does a great job sharing the company’s brand and how it is beneficial for those who are new to the product. 

This week’s entries are just a small glimpse of what’s to come for our Advertising Annual 2022. If interested in entering, be sure to submit your entries by July 13, 2021. 

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