Advertising Annual 2016 Spotlight Submission: USA

xxxxx Advertising Agency: Red Racer Advertising (left), Massive Studios (right)

Our Advertising Competition has seen a testosterone boost, with two award-winning ads catered to men: Advertising Agency Red Racer Advertising’s Radius HDD Print Campaign and Massive Studios’ SITKA Gear Big Game Ad Campaign.

Last year, a study found that millennial males have more spending power than any other demographic, estimating a purchasing power between $125 billion and $890 billion annually. Men 18-34 years old represent over 30 percent of the adult male TV market, they found. And advertising agencies are working to cater their ads to male media consumption habits.

Real men own good tools, claims Red Racer’s trade publication campaign. While their tagline, “At least you’ve got a tooling solution you can count on,” appeals to a universally acknowledged ideology, their approach was intended to break out of this “sea-of-sameness,” they wrote on their Graphis Portfolio. “Every ad in Underground Construction Magazine, and the like, featured a guy wearing a hard hat and a flannel shirt, holding a product….There are many funny stories and practical jokes that take place on a job site and we wanted to tap into that.” Statistics would denote that they did. Web traffic was up 29 percent, sales were up 25 percent and Red Racer has acquired 2 new clients in the industrial space.

Red Racer Advertising is an award-winning agency based in Dallas, Texas. To view more of their work, check out their website here. They also submitted an ad to our 2012 Annual here.

11499_fec896f686a861d95f8fd146e8d16f7b Advertising Agency: John Paul Mitchell Systems, In-House Creative Department 

Massive Studios may have been catering to a similar audience in their SITKA ad campaign, with the charge to “design a disruptive advertisement in a cultured market.” Their aim was to simplify the content while connecting the viewer to the environment. The results were a seamless integration, literally, of the gear and the activity, showing what is possible in such quality environmental gear.

Massive Studios is an agency in Bozeman, Montana, where they say “everyone works as hard as they play.” To view more of their work, visit their website here. The organization is a new Graphis contributor.

Last year, Graphis also saw a number of advertisements catered to men, including Jotabequ’s ad for Gold’s GYM (image above), in addition to many others.

The Graphis Advertising Competition features some of the most compelling and influential design of the year from across the world. Gold and Platinum awards, along with winning entries, will be published in the Advertising Annual 2016. Submit your work to the competition here.

Author: Rachel Lowry

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