Advertising 101: Platinum, Gold, and Silver Winners of the 2021 Advertising Annual

Happy Memorial Day! In wake of today, Graphis would like to remember those who have served in the military and have passed. We offer our condolences to the families of those fallen soldiers. 

Advertising plays a crucial role when determining the success of a product. Consumers pay attention to ads, and they often determine which product or service a consumer will use. In our Advertising Annual competition, Graphis awards stellar entries Platinum, Gold, or Silver. This week, we’re showcasing three different advertisements and what makes them a Platinum, Gold, or Silver winner. 

FOX Entertainment partnered with Moises Cisneros to design “The Birth of Al” for the show NEXT (above, left). The show’s poster, which won Gold, features AI (artificial intelligence)  and the caption “Never create what you can’t control,” alluding to the potential threat it will bring to humanity. The image displays the star of the show and conveys suspense and intrigue in the world of high tech.

Frames of Mind” (above, right), created by Patti Judd of Judd Brand Media, showcases the Coronado Film Festival. The festival was looking to create its own unique identity to distinguish itself from other festivals, and Judd took initiative by defining the image of the regional seaside festival. The eccentric blues and golds represent both the seaside and glitz, while the movie reel captures viewers’ attention. The overall image is meant to portray the imaginative concepts that go into creating an independent film, as well as all the details the filmmaker puts into every scene, frame, and second. With how Judd captured the tone, personality, and location of the festival, it’s no surprise her outstanding design won Platinum. 

Benjamin Nicolas worked with Berkeley Executive Education to create “Re:Think” (above). Berkeley Executive Education provides an “all-new, robust, immersive virtual education platform” as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The ad’s purpose was to pique new students’ interest with class offerings during a time when education is potent, the options are expansive, and the pandemic revitalized using different approaches to learning. Nicolas chose to showcase a potential student who might be alone in their home while reflecting on the positive and relaxed nature of the space and how learning is still engaging, despite being different. The result? Berkeley Executive Education loved it, the program has launched, and Nicola’s successful design won Silver. 

Have your designs persuaded others and been successful? Be sure to enter them into our open Advertising Annual 2022 competition!

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