A Useful ‘Tool’ for Self-Care: Packaging 10 Entries

Whether it’s for adults or children, a successful package design always attracts the right demographic, boosting sales and satisfying consumers and customers. This week’s two new Packaging 10 entries do just that with creative designs that target two different audiences: male adults and children. 

“Masculinity meets luxury” is the tagline for Emper Perfumes, who collaborated with design firm Sol Benito to create “Tool Box > Eau de Toilette’s” (above) sleek packaging. The concept was “to create a luxury product meant for the GCC region with an obviously masculine personality”, which proved to be a fun challenge. The package’s unique hexagonal shape makes it stand out from the conventional containers found in the market, and the use of darker colors also demonstrates masculinity and boldness. Another unique feature is that the name, Tool Box, was developed from the package’s shape (an industrial nut), which served as the symbolic representation of how men can be studs. The high-end materials used for production also helped make the premium look of a luxury brand. 

General Mills was in search of a new package design for “Go-Gurt Everyday” (above), and reached out to design firm Ultra Creative. The goal was to focus on shop-ability with a simple, established design that could be used across the company’s different offerings. Ultra Creative started with a logo update, which included taking out layers around the title but keeping its youth and energy. They also set up the Go-GURT green color as a brand block, allowing the logo to pop and act as a bullseye for the eye on the shelf. Next, the team focused on the anticipated package design. While they wanted to preserve the concept of the tubes having promotions and licensed offerings that are renewed continually with new art, games, and trivia, they also wanted to include a regular design that was recognizable for kids. In the end, they made 240 creative tube designs with varying styles, themes, and content. This resulted in establishing additional ownable assets for the brand while bringing about a design-led perspective for kids.

Our Packaging 10 competition is still accepting entries now through July 27, 2021, so be sure to submit to compete! 

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