A Curro Coyote: Latest Packaging 10 Entries

In competitive markets, it can be challenging for new brands to gain visibility. This is why it’s important to have a strong, compelling visual identity to stand out from the rest. The packaging designs in this week’s featured entries have this covered! 

Curro Mezcal” (above) was designed for a tequila company based in Latin America. According to the designer, Rodrigo Suarez, in Latin America, the word curro has different meanings. “While in Argentina it represents a trick to deceive someone, in Mexico it is an archaic term to describe an attractive, well-groomed man.” When the team at Cocoa Brands began to construct Curro Mezcal’s story, they decided to merge both concepts to playfully portray “typical Mexican mischief” in the form of a coyote, who represents good fortune in Latin American culture. The beautiful linework of illustrator Sergio Sanchez stands out in white print against the black label, depicting a coyote wandering through the night as the moon and stars shine above it. What ties the piece together is the glossy brass typography and intricate borders that give the illustration a baroque style frame. On the shelf, Curro immediately stands out in a sea of minimalistic and rustic designs while successfully promoting the brand’s carefully crafted spirits. 

The second entry comes from Dany Vo of Hatch Design, who was tasked by the online wellness retailer, Grove Collaborative, to develop the packaging for their new skincare brand “Superbloom” (above). Inspired by the brand’s potent natural ingredients, Vo incorporated botanical design elements by using vivid floral imagery to capture consumers’ attention in a competitive digital landscape. The color pallets for each of the brand’s products range from rich blues and violets to vibrant shades of yellow, red, and orange. Paired with the elegant typography used for the brand’s logo, the packaging design radiates the brand’s fresh, clean and holistic approach to skincare. With its thoughtful design and beautiful presentation, Superbloom had a successful launch, earning features in publications such as Women’s Health, Insider, Glossy, and other major outlets.

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Author: Graphis