2015 Photography Annual Winners Announcement

We are pleased to announce the Platinum winners of the 2015 Graphis Photography Annual competition: Henry Leutwyler, Terry Heffernan, Frank P. Wartenberg, Mark Zibert, Colin Faulkner,
RJ Muna
, Bill Diodato, Marcin Muchalski and Heinz Baumann.

Graphis congratulates all of the winners for their outstanding achievements and is proud to share the winning work with our readers. This year’s Photography winners have been posted on Graphis.com and the 2015 Photography Annual is available for pre-order at a 60 percent discount for winners and Graphis professional members.

The Photography competition features some of the most compelling photography of the year. Get ahead for next year by submitting work to the 2016 Photography Annual competition here.

PH15 Spread

The Gold winners in the 2015 Photography Annual include: A. Tamboly, Andreas Franke,
Ann Brandeis, Ben Chen, Bill Diodato, Bryan Stockton, Cameron Davidson, Caroline Knopf,
Colin Faulkner, David Allen Brandt Studios, Inc., David Matellanes, Dean Alexander, Dennis Letbetter, Dylan Coulter, Erez Sabag, Felix Holzer, Frank P. Wartenberg, Future Brands, Giuliano Bekor,
Henry Leutwyler, Herring & Herring, James Haefner, Jeffrey Jenkins, John Fulton, John Surace,
Jon Rou, Jonathan Knowles, JoSon Photography, Klaus Kampert, Kristofer Dan-Bergman,
Laurie Frankel, Marisa Howenstine, Mark McCarty, Markku Lahdesmakim, Michael Alberstat,
Nick Dolding, Palio+Ignite, Peter Arnold, Peter Whyte Photography, Pierre Bourjo, RJ Muna,
Robert Tardio, Roberto Treviño, Sagmeister & Walsh, Sandro, Shavonne Wong, Susan J. Chen, Tatijana Shoan, Taylor James, TC Reiner, Terry Heffernan, Tyler Stableford, Victor Romero,
Visual Arts Press, Ltd. and Voorhes Photography.

The Silver winners in the 2015 Photography Annual include: A. Tamboly, Athena Azevedo,
Bill Diodato, Brad Hochberg, Constellation ImageWorks, Craig Cutler, Dan Power, Dean Alexander, Design Army, Dick Busher, Douglas Stratton, Erik Almas, Francois Robert, Frank P. Wartenberg, Henry Leutwyler, Herring & Herring, Hugh Kretschmer Photography, IF Studio, Kumiko Ide,
Jan Stromme, Jason Elias, Jerome Brunet Photography, Jim Norton, Jody Dole, Jonathan Knowles, Jörg Bräuer, JoSon Photography, Kalman & Pabst Photo Group, Ken Wagnon, Laurie Frankel, Lennette Newell, Lonnie Duka, Mads Perch, Makito Inomata, Marisa Howenstine, Mark Kelley,
Mark Zibert, Masha Trotzky, Michael Alberstat, Michael Confer Photography LLC, Michael Imlay, Nisian Hughes, Nyk Sykes, Parish Kohanim, Patrick Molnar, Phil Bekker Photography, Randy Larcombe, Ricardo de Vicq de Cumptich, Ricardo Marenco, RJ Muna, Robert Tardio, Rosanne Olson, Sazeli Jalal, Shehtab Khan Photography, Stephen Hamilton Inc., Tatijana Shoan, Tim MacPherson, Trayler & Trayler, Trevett McCandliss and Voorhes Photography.

Author: Matt Castello

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