New Exciting Stamp Entry from Journey Group (US) and a Cafe Rebrand from M-N Associates (VN)

New Creative Label Designs from Studio Lonne Wennekendonk (NL) and Zimmer Design (US)

New Vibrant Photography Entry by Sophy Holland and See Gold-Winning Work by Laurie Frankel!

New Exhibition Entry from Another Collective (PT) and Hi-Tech Design from Xiaomi (CN)

New Colorful Graphis Design Annual 2021 Entries from Studio Hinrichs and Land O’ Lakes Inc.

New Unique Packaging 10 Entries from Xiaomi (CN), and Ruth Chao Studio (HK)!

Exciting Graphis Design Annual 2021 Entries from Digital Art (RU) and Wallace Church & Co. (US)

New Tequila Bottle Entry from Turner Duckworth and Magnetic Makeup Packaging from Established NYC!

Advertising 2021 Competition Open! Platinum Entry from Silver Cuellar and New Entry from Cesar Rivera

New Packaging 10 Entries from PepsiCo, and Brandon Kirk Design

Harcus Design (AU) and Ohmybrand (RU) Submit New Entries to Graphis Packaging 10

See a Celebratory Poster from John Gravdahl and a Series on Plagiarism by Lisa Winstanley!