Music Reactions posters created by Supremat's Roman Postovoy.

Visualizing the Beat for Music Reactions: Roman Postovoy

Designer Roman Postovoy of Supremat (Kyrgyzstan) recently had the opportunity to bring his visual style to two poster projects commissioned by Music Reactions. The first project involved creating a poster for a musical event featuring the renowned Turin duo “Boston 168” (above, left), who are known for their electrifying acid techno music.

Inspired by Boston 168’s cathartic mood and their ability to captivate their audience with their powerful music, Roman’s design captures the energy and mood of the event and transmits it to the viewer. To achieve this, Roman combined 3D and 2D graphics, using an acid-green color palette to create a sense of vibrancy and excitement. The poster featured abstract 3D objects that were arranged in a way that held the viewer’s attention, like twisting spikes that seemed to come alive with the music. The names of the artists were also given special attention, with each one using a different font style to add a dynamic and unique feel to each artist’s name. Combining all these elements created a visually stunning and impactful poster that perfectly captured the essence of the event.

The poster promoted the event across various platforms, including social media and print materials. It was also featured prominently at the venue, adding to the overall immersive experience of the event. The success of the poster design by Roman was evident in the huge turnout of music lovers who attended the event. Boston 168’s electrifying performance, combined with the stunning visual design, created an unforgettable experience that left a lasting impression on everyone who attended.

In addition to the poster for the Boston 168 event, Roman also worked on another poster for “Music Reactions” (above, right). This poster was designed to promote a dark tech event and featured another unique blend of 2D and 3D graphics. The immersive atmosphere of the poster was achieved by combining different textures and gradients to create a sense of depth and movement in the design. The typography used in the poster was a mix of cyberpunk and sans-serif font styles, which added to the overall futuristic feel of the design. The balance between the two font styles created a visually appealing and modern look that perfectly matched the dark tech theme of the event. The result was a clean and attractive design that conveyed all the necessary information about the event without overwhelming the viewer with too much detail. 

The success of both posters is a testament to his creativity and skill in capturing the essence of the events and translating them into striking visual representations.

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Author: Graphis