Category: Latest Entries

Read blog entries about the latest entries for Graphis design awards to find new inspiration and discover upcoming artists.

Advertising 2017 CFE: Wisconsin

Laughlin Constable created the advertisement (left) for client Wisconsin Department of Tourism. Cramer-Krasselt designed the other poster…

Letterhead8 CFE: United States

Based in San Francisco, Templin Brink Design created the above letterhead (left), a submission to our Letterhead 7 Competition….

Annual Reports CFE: NY, US

Christine Aaron, Maria Jaramillo and Ryan Larish from Imagination the Americas created an Annual Report (top left) for Delphi Automotive. Richard Colbourne and J. Kenneth…

Nudes 5 CFE: International

Emy Kat from France submitted the above photograph (left) for the Nudes 5 Competition. Phil Bekker from the United…