Striking New Entries: Photography Annual 2022 Competition Submissions

Though vastly different, this week’s Photography Annual 2022 submissions are exceptional at conveying themes of grace and beauty. 

For his piece “Viola At The Queen’s House in London” (above), American graphic designer and Graphis Master Michael Pantuso portrays a ballerina (his daughter Viola Bella Pantuso) lounging dramatically along a spiral staircase. Shot with a Pentax K-3 28 mm, Pantuso succeeds at capturing an alluring picture, highlighting the elegance of the model with the skillful use of light and shadows. The image, taken for a ballet portfolio and promotion, has a timeless feel that memorializes the beauty of dance and artistic expression. Pantuso, a longtime contributor to and member of the Visionary Board at Graphis, has won many awards for his pristine images. Recently, he took home the Platinum award in Graphis’ Design Annual 2021 for his image titled “Flamingo.” The skillful photographer says that he “thrives at the intersection of creative thinking, artistic expression and strategically inspired ideas,” and it’s clear he does so through his work. 

Tiny Garden” (above), shot by Sean Auden with a Sony A7RIV, highlights a different kind of beauty. Shot for Arum, a plant care product line, Auden was tasked with conveying a soft, natural feel from scratch: “We tried to … incorporate relaxing, natural elements to give off a zen, indoor gardening feel. We incorporated small ceramic vases (to go with the plant theme without overshadowing the product) as well as petrified wood (which adds warmth and plays well with the color of the brush) and mirrors, through which we reflected a hue-shifted cloud sky (to match the color scheme while adding another relaxing touch).” Not only do the photos look aesthetically pleasing, but Auden proves himself a talented commercial photographer by showing that Arum’s products will help your plants look just as attractive. 

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