Shape of the NFL + A Good Harvest: Photography 2021 Winners

Football players show off their hard work staying fit, and fresh vegetables go au natural with their colors and textures in these winning works.

Howard Schatz‘s work is timeless. A New York-based photographer and Graphis Master whose technical skills and artful use of light have produced numerous award-winning images over the span of his 25-year-long career, he is a prolific award-winner here at Graphis, and you can see why in his portfolio. Fascinated by the human form, Schatz’s body of work includes portraits and studies of models, actors, athletes, and dancers. In his Gold-winning photo series, titled “Shape of the NFL“, (above), Schatz features quarterbacks Blessuan Austin and Taylor Ford, safety Marcus Willams, and defensive end Nathan Shepard during different aspects of their training. Chronicling the players practicing their throws, lifting weights, doing pushups, and running, Schatz skillfully employs lighting and after effects to enhance the player’s movements, body strength, and build to not only demonstrate the physical conditioning needed to perform in American football but to also underscore the different body shapes, sizes, and build that make up the different players. 

The Harvest Composition” (above), a Gold-winning photograph by Canadian photographer Jim Norton, is a charming image that demonstrates the beauty of the harvest and how “nature only needs to be shown in order to share the bounty around us.” With a career spanning still life and food photography, Norton’s talents shine through his use of lighting and thoughtful styling to accentuate the natural look of the vegetables harvested from his garden. Featuring a collection of onions, turnips, zucchini, and squash, each vegetable is carefully arranged in such a way that not only guides the viewer’s eyes around the image but seamlessly comes together as part of a complete composition. Under the natural light seemingly filtering in from the right, the array of vegetables offers a subtle pop of warm hues against the dark background of the tarp, further highlighting the unique textures and forms of each vegetable in the photo. The most impressive aspect of the image, however, is how Norton was able to capture such a beautiful shot without little need for editing post-production. 

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Author: Graphis