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Photography: NJ-based Tatsuro Nishimura & Steve Greer Envision Alternate Perspectives

New Jersey showcases some of the very best in photography with works from Tatsuro Nishimura and Steve Greer.

Graphis hand picks some of the most intriguing and thought-provoking photography in this week’s showcase with works from New Jersey-based photographers Tatsuro Nishimura and Steve Greer. Both of Nishimura’s Flowers and Woman in Shower (ABOVE) demonstrate a delicate verisimilitude, one that airs on modernist technique and with pronounced tinges of impressionistic flair.
New Jersey
Active Senior, practicing her climbing skills.
The above work from Greer, entitled Redefining Active Seniorswas a self-assigned personal project, one that aimed to “challenge the notion of senior citizens in passive and complacent roles—sitting in their rocking chairs, on the front porch, waiting for their grandchildren to arrive.” Greer explains that, “scouting was easy. There are many mature adults having vibrant, engaged and interesting lives. Everyone I met was enthusiastic to show me how they are redefining the word, ‘senior citizen.'” As for the artistic approach that Greer incorporated, the artist elucidates that, “the theme was to maintain an environmental portraiture feel, and use a mix of strobe and available lighting.”
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