Photography Annual Submission Spotlight:
Chris Crisman – Three Minutes with Michael Vick


Three Minutes with Michael Vick

Chris Crisman won a Platinum award for his portrait of Michael Vick in our Photography Annual 2013.

Crisman described his process:

Assignment: I was only given three minutes to make a portrait of NFL star Michael Vick. If you’ve only got three minutes with someone, you better have it together. I knew exactly what the magazine needed and exactly what I wanted from the shoot. I also knew to dial my expectations to simple and classic. It’s not wise to try accomplishing something complex or far-reaching when you only have a few minutes.

Approach: I wanted to make a portrait that hints at Michael Vick’s criminal past while focusing on his hopefully peaceful intentions for the future. A subject’s history viewed through my own personal biases and history is a lot to capture in a very short amount of time.

Design Firm: Chris Crisman Photography
Photographer: Chris Crisman
Design Director: Jesse Southerland
Photo Director: Zoey Sless-kitain
Client: Philadelphia Magazine

Our Photography Annual 2014 competition features the most compelling and influential photography of the year. Prizes consist of gold and platinum awards, with winning entries published in the Photography Annual 2014.

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