Photography Annual Submission Spotlight:
Kevin Twomey and Calculating Machines


Kevin Twomey uncovers obsolete models of 1984 ½

Kevin Twomey reveals intense robotic constructions running dead tools of an atomic age in his photo series Calculating Machines. His skillful color retouching drowns industrial materials in apocalyptic lime greenness, like cyborgs of an alternate Cyberdyne timeline or cold war Buttles and Tuttles dreaming of a tropical paradise. Calculating Machines won him a Gold award in our Photography Annual 2013. He wrote this about the piece:

Assignment: The calculating machines came from a personal project that was originally about visually documenting the various tools humans used in calculating throughout history, starting with the abacus. As the research progressed I came upon calculating machines of the mid 20th century. Once I had removed the cover on one of these machines, I knew exactly what the story was about: creating imagery that captured the complex internal workings of these objects, bringing out the details of all the various materials while keeping any dust, dirt, and grime that had build up since the devices were last used.

Approach: The lighting and retouching approaches, as well at the choice of camera angle, were all used to help bring out the materials and detail in the machinery. After the covers were removed, I did a quick shoot around to find the best possible angles.

Results: This personal project was selected for the PDN 2012 Annual, and at this moment images form this series are being considered for a financial magazine article in Germany.

Our Photography Annual 2014 competition features the most compelling and influential photography of the year. Prizes consist of gold and platinum awards, with winning entries published in the Photography Annual 2014.

To submit your own work to the Photography Annual 2014 competition, click here. But don’t wait! The final deadline for entry submissions is coming up quick.




View more of Kevin Twomey’s work here.


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Kevin Twomey and Calculating Machines

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