Photography Annual 2014
Platinum Winner Spotlight: Mark Stetler

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Photographer: Mark Stetler | Title: Pinhole Nudes

Mark Stetler – Pinhole Nudes

Mark Stetler shot his “Pinhole Nudes” similar to the way a painter paints a live figure model. In commentary that will be featured in this year’s Photography Annual 2014, he explains the process below:

My goal was/is to slow down the process of photography and settle the subject. When the sitter must hold a pose for a five to 10 second exposure, frame after frame, you will eventually get to a place where, in my opinion, the subject’s facade drops and you see the person in a more relaxed state.

The series has earned Platinum in our Photography Annual 2014. Stetler is a previous Graphis award winner, who also won a Gold for “Pinhole Photography of Points East” in our Photography Annual 2013. To check out more work by Mark, click here.

Stetler is a Brooklyn-based Photographer. Other Platinum winners from the New York area are Kristofer Dan-Bergman, Henry Leutwyler, Tatijana Shoan, Caroline Knopf and Phil Marco. Additional New York-based winners in our annual include Chris Santucci, Felix Nam Hoon Kim and Sandi Fellman.  

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 2.41.43 PMLeft Photographer: Henry Leutwyler                        Right Photographer: Kristofer Dan-Bergman

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 4.04.00 PMLeft Photographer: Chris Santucci                         Right Photographer: Sandi Fellman

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 5.12.23 PMPhotographer: Phil Marco    

The photography competition features the most compelling and influential photography of the year. Gold and Platinum awards, along with winning entries, will be published in the Photography Annual 2015. To submit your own work to the Photography Annual 2015 competition, click here. 

Author: Rachel Lowry

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