Photo: New Entries From Craig Cutler, Brent Taylor, and OMS Photo

The latest entries for the Photography Annual 2020 competition come from Graphis Master Craig Cutler. His work, “Broken Plate” (above left), is a photo taken from a series of broken plates and food. The blue background complements the cool tones of the fish. With a portion of fish on each shattered piece, an unremarkable subject becomes bizarre and even a bit unsettling, thus creating a new tone. Cutler does this again with his series “Ornithology Bird Trays” (above right). Despite the morbid nature of the birds, the warm hues and details of the feathers return life to them. Cutler’s photography transforms mundane subjects, prompting viewers to take a second glance.

Brent Taylor and OMS Photo submit their work, “Perfect Pairings Food Photography” (above), as part of a four-part series of food photographs for Starbucks. The purpose of this series was to pair coffee and various types of food to visually represent how well each element goes together. The photos make the food look professionally well-made, and the coffee fits in seamlessly alongside each food item. Brent Taylor and OMS Photo enhance the cozy feel of the combinations, encouraging consumers to try them out themselves.

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